Sunday, October 21, 2012

Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday

Welcome to Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday at A Monster Ate My Book Report!
This is a great meme started by Ms. Shannon Messenger, author of her own Middle-Grade Book, Keeper of the Lost Cities.  There are lots of fantastic bloggers out their who are excited to tell you all about Middle-Grade Books, so make sure you check out Ms. Shannon's Blog to get all the links.
Marsh and Emiline

Marsh's MMGM is Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

     This week's MMGM is Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz.  Alex's Uncle has died.  Alex always thought his uncle worked at a bank, but it turds out he was really a spy.  When he goes to the funeral, the agency (called M16) that hired Alex's uncle is there.  They want Alex to finish his Uncle's last mission.
     I think this is a good MMGM pick because the Alex Rider series is very popular with middle grade students and because everyone loves a good ole spy novel.  I loved the settings in this book, especially the museum where Britain's Prime Minister activates the Storm Breakers. (Read the book to find out what this mysterious object is.)  This book had some of the most sinister villains I ever encountered through my journey as a reader.  If you know someone who doesn't like to read, some one who thinks all books are slow-paced, try suggesting this book to them.  They are sure to love it.


Here is a link to find out more about the author, Anthony Horowitz, and the Alex Rider Series.


  1. I really like Anthony Horowitz but haven't read this series. I agree it's popular with kids. Thanks for reviewing it.

  2. My two daughters love this series! Now that I hear about the sinister villain, I'm going to have to borrow it from them.

  3. Loved this book and others in the series. Hope you get a chance to read it, Natalie. Happy borrowing, Andrea.

  4. Great review! I think this is a series I will enjoy. Thanks for sharing. :)