Friday, September 23, 2011

Banned Books Week Giveaway Hop!

Emiline's Thoughts on Banned Books:
I really like Lauren Myracle's books and some of them are banned.  It makes me feel sad when I think that I might not be able to read them.  I don't think it's okay to let other people decide what you can experience.

Marsh's Thoughts on Banned Books:
As a reader, I think no books should be banned.  Some of the books I have read are banned books.  Even if some books are not the right books for some people it doesn't mean no one else can read those books.  Hunger Games is a frequently banned book and is one of my favorites.  You can protect your kids from some books, but not other people's kids.  There is a book for everyone.  My point is-- banning books is wrong.  

For Banned Books Week Giveaway Hop we are offering one of our favorite books that was on the Banned Book List, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  We have three prizes for this hop:

Prize One:
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
and a Mockingjay Pin

Prize Two:
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
and a Hunger Games Journal

Prize Three:
The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey,
Goosebumps Horrorland: Revenge of the Living Dummy by R.L. Stine,
and a collectible Hogwarts Bookmark

     To be eligible to win a prize you must become a public follower of this blog and leave a comment that includes your email on this post.  The giveaway ends on October 1st at midnight.  We will be announcing winners on October 2nd. (Unfortunately, this giveaway is limited to residents of the U.S.)
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Good Luck,
Marsh and Emiline

Click this link to find out if YOUR favorite book has been banned or challenged.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Book Reports on Darth Paper Strikes Back by Tom Angleberger

Emiline's Report on Darth Paper Strikes Back

   We are back with Origami Yoda in his new book, Darth Paper Strikes Back.  In this book Harvey makes an origami Darth Vader so Darth Paper and Origami Yoda can fight with paper lightsabers and so Darth Paper can prove that Origami Yoda couldn't really tell the future. 
     One day, a really popular girl comes to Origami Yoda for advice, but he he said something that kind of scared her.  Well, Harvey found a way so she would complain to the principal about it just because he wanted Dwight (Origami Yoda's creator) to get kicked out of school.  As you can see, Harvey doesn't really like Dwight.  What will Dwight's future be?  Find out in Darth Paper Strikes Back.

     I was really excited that Darth Vader was in this one, and I'm not just saying that because I had a crush on Darth Vader when I was a little kid. So far this is my favorite book in this series because of the action and Darth Vader.  Maybe I still have a little crush.

I give this book 5 MONSTERS!!

Marsh's Report on Darth Paper Strikes Back:

     Origami Yoda is back, but now he has an enemy.  Harvey, Dwight's enemy has made an origami Darth Vader.  Origami Yoda gave one girl bad advice and she took it as a threat, so she told the principal and Dwight, the owner and maker of Origami Yoda, got expelled.  So now Tommy is making a new case file to present to the school board in hopes of getting his friend back, but Harvey writes a counter argument.  Can Tommy get Dwight back in school?

     I really like this book.  I was sad that Dwight wasn't in this book as much as he was in The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.  The book was surprising at  times (I can't tell you why because this is a non-spoiler review).   I really can't wait until the third book comes out.  I hope it's Luke Skywalker!

Overall I give this book 5 out of 5 monsters!

You can find out more about the author, Tom Angleberger and see some awesome Origami Star Wars creations & directions for making Origami Yoda and Darth Paper at-

We found this book at our school's Scholastic Bookfair, but you can find it at your school or public library, or find it at an independent bookstore at



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Interview with the Marvelous Jackson Pearce!

We went to the Decatur Book Festival and we interviewed Jackson Pearce.  Jackson Pearce is an author.  She writes young adult books.  We haven't read her books, but we thought she would be great to interview.  We do watch her YouTube videos (she is really funny-- we like the book pirate video best of all) and we added As You Wish to our growing to-read pile.   Her other books, Sisters Red and Sweetly, are based on Fairy Tales, and since we are kids we know a lot about Fairy Tales! We think authors are the best and it's always fun to learn about authors.  Without further adieu here is the interview...

Oh wait!  There's also a giveaway.  We have one autographed copy of Sisters Red by the marvelous Jackson Pearce!

Here are the rules:
1.  Become a follower if you aren't already one;
2.  Leave a comment on this interview-
     include your email address and tell us your favorite fairy tale!
3. You need a US address, because we are kids and don't have loads of cash for shipping.
4. Contest ends at Midnight on Sunday, September 25th.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Emiline Reports on Lauren Myracle's Luv ya Bunches

Emiline Reports on Lauren Myracle's Luv ya Bunches
A Flower Power Book #1

(Check it out!  That's Lauren Myracle in our video!)


      Luv ya Bunches is a terrific book.  I especially love the characters.  There's Katie-Rose, a total goofball.  Then there's Milla, a popular kid who has an obsession with a toy turtle named Tally.  Then there's Yasaman, she is great with the computer.  She even created a website called which turned out to be LuvyaBunches.  There is also Violet, the new kid.

     Alright, I know you want to get to the review, but first I have to tell you about Modessa.  Modessa is a mean, mud eating, popular kid with a minion named Quinn.  Modessa is trying to make Katie-Rose not be Milla's friend.  So she makes it look like Katie-Rose Stole Tally, the turtle.  Will Milla and Katie-Rose still be friends?  Find out in Luv ya Bunches.

     I love this book.  And I love the author.  Did you know that Lauren Myracle is the first author in the world to write a book entirely out of text messages?  I can see all of the people who are reading this eyes go wide!  I think you should read Luv ya Bunches because it is super funny and creative--some of the book is written like a chat box on  The characters are super funny.  I'd like to hang out with Milla and Katie-Rose, and I think you probably would too.

Hye guys! You can find this book at your local or school library, or you can buy it at your local Indie Bookseller, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

You can find out more about the author and all her books here  and the Flower Power Books have a really fun website too--