Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Emiline Reports on Lauren Myracle's Luv ya Bunches

Emiline Reports on Lauren Myracle's Luv ya Bunches
A Flower Power Book #1

(Check it out!  That's Lauren Myracle in our video!)


      Luv ya Bunches is a terrific book.  I especially love the characters.  There's Katie-Rose, a total goofball.  Then there's Milla, a popular kid who has an obsession with a toy turtle named Tally.  Then there's Yasaman, she is great with the computer.  She even created a website called which turned out to be LuvyaBunches.  There is also Violet, the new kid.

     Alright, I know you want to get to the review, but first I have to tell you about Modessa.  Modessa is a mean, mud eating, popular kid with a minion named Quinn.  Modessa is trying to make Katie-Rose not be Milla's friend.  So she makes it look like Katie-Rose Stole Tally, the turtle.  Will Milla and Katie-Rose still be friends?  Find out in Luv ya Bunches.

     I love this book.  And I love the author.  Did you know that Lauren Myracle is the first author in the world to write a book entirely out of text messages?  I can see all of the people who are reading this eyes go wide!  I think you should read Luv ya Bunches because it is super funny and creative--some of the book is written like a chat box on  The characters are super funny.  I'd like to hang out with Milla and Katie-Rose, and I think you probably would too.

Hye guys! You can find this book at your local or school library, or you can buy it at your local Indie Bookseller, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

You can find out more about the author and all her books here  and the Flower Power Books have a really fun website too--


  1. Oooooh how I love your blog! This one could be my new fav! I love seeing your wonderful personalities and creativity come to life in your videos! You guys are TERRIFIC!!!!
    BIG hugs & extra squishes!!!!
    Ms. Rogers

  2. Ms Rogers,
    This one might be my favorite one too! Marsh thought he was an Ice King instead of a skeleton!! Thank you for always being there for us and our blog.