Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Emiline's Review of Eighth Grade Bites

Eighth Grade Bites (Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #1)
by Heather Brewer
Review by Emiline

Vlad isn’t a normal boy; he’s a vampire.  His parents are dead.  He lives in a small town where people are being abducted mysteriously.  Vlad’s teacher is missing and his substitute is very intriguing.  Vlad stays cautious when he’s around the sub, Mr. Otis, because he is bound to discover his secret. 
One day, Vlad finds a letter from his father that could answer the questions about his parent’s deaths.  To find out what happens next, read Heather Brewer’s Eighth Grade Bites.
I liked that Vlad wasn’t a super popular kid and that he faces challenges that real kids face.  I also liked that Brewer seems to pour all of her emotion into the book.  I also really liked that even though Vlad is a vampire, he is not vicious or cruel.

I read every chance I get!  This is a picture of me reading in the carpool line.

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