Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Emiline's Review of Just Being Audrey

Just Being Audrey
Book Report by Emiline
Author: Margaret Cardillo
Illustrator: Julia Denos
Audience: 4 and above, and Audrey Hepburn Fans

          Have you ever wondered what it was like being a 1900's movie star?  Well, you will know some immense facts after you've read Just Being Audrey.
          Audrey Hepburn dreamed of being a prima ballerina until, one day, she realized all the other ballerina's snide comments about her being too tall and her eyes being too big were true.  Audrey grew up and became so famous she had her own look called "the Audrey look."  She traveled all around the globe.  She worked harder than anyone else.  She was the most glamorous actress ever.
           I recommend Just Being Audrey to every 1900s fan everywhere!    I love the Audrey pictures in the book and the writing--especially this quote:
      "I never think about myself as an icon.  I just do my own thing."  Audrey Hepburn.
       I give Just Being Audrey 5 Monsters.


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