Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Marsh and The Hunger Games

  On Thursday night at midnight The Hunger Games movie officially premieres.   So I decided I could write a little something on The Hunger Games to get you excited.  I first read this book last year in the very beginning of the fourth grade.  I wanted to read it because I had just finished Suzanne Collins' Gregor the Overlander (The Underland Chronicles) series and I really enjoyed her writing and how detailed it was.  Once I started reading The Hunger Games I could not stop reading until I knew Katniss was allright.  I loved the outcome of the book and I think the movie will be great, too.
     When I heard they were filming The Hunger Games I applied for the casting call but was not chosen to take part in it.  But my dad was and he had a great experience.  We went up to Shelby, North Carolina, with him and actually got to meet the producer, Nina Jacobson, when Emiline, my mom and I were hanging out in a coffee shop waiting for dad to finish for the day.  She told us a very funny story about Prim's goat.  The goat they used in the film was the wrong color--so they had to paint it!  She was a very nice lady and we enjoyed meeting her.



Here we are at a Casting Call for The Hunger Games.  We were at a mall all morning. 

Emiline's Photos and Comments:
     Marsh wasn't the only one excited about The Hunger Games.  Although I have never read the books, I had other things to look forward to.  One day may dad called me from the set of the Hunger Games, telling me that some of the people from my favorite television series, Face Off, were there.  Makeup artist Ve Neill was there--she did work on one of my favorite movies, Beetlejuice, and was a judge on Face Off.  Also, Conor McCullagh, the winner of Face Off's first season, was there--he did my daddy's makeup on the first day.
     As Marsh said, we met Nina Jacobson while we were eating yummy beignets.  Her nice friend, whose name we didn't catch--well, he didn't throw it--he taught me how to adjust the lens on my camera.   I told him and Ms Nina that I was excited about Ve and Conor.  She thought it was funny that, out of all the stars that were there, I was most excited about the makeup artists.  Then she told us the story about the goat--It was Conor who had to paint it.


My mom took this picture of me in front of an old house in North Carolina.  We picked strawberries there and ate them while my dad was on the set. I took the camera everywhere.

These are the signs so we knew where to drop my dad off.

We went here all the time.  They had beignets (we used to live in Louisiana, so it was a big treat to find them), ice cream, and coffee for my Mom.  That was also where we met Ms Nina.

Here's my Beignet!

This is Nina Jacobson.  She's a famous producer.  I think I might be a producer when I grow up, too.  I didn't get a picture of her friend, but he was really nice, too.

This is my favorite car! When I grow up I'm going to get a car like this.

I took this picture in an alley.

These are some videos taken from Scholastic's Website.  The author, Suzanne Collins, talks about Age Range for The Hunger Games book and also about Desensitization to violence.

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