Thursday, April 19, 2012

What if we had a Magic Lamp?

Welcome to A Monster Ate My Book Report!  We found this meme at Ya-aholic, and we thought this is a great thing for us to have a little fun with.  It's fun to be creative!  Please visit Ya-Aholic to see what other bloggers are wishing for.
Marsh & Emiline

Marsh's Magic Lamp Wishes:
I'm reading The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch, and if I was a character in this book my wishes would be:
1.  I wish that Will would not try to get Stephen evicted from the town by saying Stephen was doing things like threatening him with a knife and starting fights.

2. If I was in that world, I would wish they had places like Outback Steakhouse on the road so you could just go in, sit down, eat a nice dinner, and go back to scavenging.   

3.  If I was a character in the book, I would wish to have planned ahead. That way I would know something was going to happen to us when we nuked China.  I would have fortified a small area and stored up weapons and ammo and placed turrets outside the gate so no infected people would be tempted to get in.

Emiline's Magic Lamp Wishes:
I'm reading Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling and my wishes are all about the magical world of Harry Potter.

1.  I wish that Malfoy wasn't so mean.  He has actions that will backfire on him.  But he'll deserve it!

2. I wish Snape wasn't a Death Eater.  It ruins me to know that somewhere in our world Snape is spying at Hogwarts.

3.  I wish Harry would've accepted Sirius's house for full time so he could get away from the Dursleys.  But then again, he is protected at the Dursley's.  

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