Sunday, April 22, 2012

Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday!

It's time for MMGM at A Monster Ate my Book Report!  This is our favorite meme, probably because we are Middle-Graders.  Make sure you visit Ms. Shannon's blog to see all the other wonderful blogs that are featuring books for Middle- Grade.

Marsh's MMGM pick for this week is First Kill  by Heather Brewer!

     Heather Brewer's writing is always good and I especially enjoyed it in this book. She is very descriptive.  I could picture all of her scenes perfectly--as if I were there. I really liked how the main character, Joss, is strong, courageous, and strong-willed.  He is overall a very likeable character, so much so that people have started teams for Joss as well as for Heather Brewer's other book-series' character, Vlad From the Chronicles of Vladimir Todd.  (Trust me, even though there are teams, no one wants this to turn into Twilight.)  I was honestly blown back by her new writing in these books and some moments shocked me so much that I was paralyzed.  I liked how this book was from Joss's point of view so I could see his side of the story.  I am really glad to have this as my MMGM pick this week. 

Visit Auntie Heather's Blog, because she's hilariously strange:

And then there's this.....
In October the second book in the Slayer Chronicles comes out.


  1. Good to know that this comes out in the fall. My students really like this series a lot and were also glad to hear Joss' view point.

  2. I've seen this one being passed around - looks like a good read :)

  3. I haven't read these yet, but your review makes me want to!

  4. I'm really glad you all are inspired to read this book. I really enjoyed this book and also Heather Brewer's other series, The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. You should really check this series out. Thank you guys for reading my MMGM this week and leaving me some great comments!