Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Emiline's Review of The Hobbit

Emiline's Review of The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

     The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien is a stunning book filled with highly intriguing surprises.  Mr. Bilbo Baggins is greeted one day by the unbelievable Gandalf.  Gandalf is a wizard and he came with an adventure.  Bilbo kindly said no, but that same night there was a knock on his door.  Dwarfs!  Dwarfs kept pouring into Bilbo's house, then Gandalf came too.  It seemed they were prepared for dinner.  All throughout this unexpected party the dwarfs refer to Bilbo as a burglar. They were going on an adventure to find their long forgotten gold, which Bilbo is supposed to steal for them.
     On their journey they will encounter giant eagles, Elven Kings, and one unexplainable creature by the name of Gollum.
     I give The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien 5 Monsters!
     I loved this book so much!  It reminded me of Norse Myths and fairytales.  The age range would be for anybody that's in for some action!  It was a great book and very realistic.  I felt like I was really in the adventure, and it's a wonderful experience reading it.

     After I read the book I saw The Hobbit movie.  The movie is split into three parts.  The first part only goes to the edge of the forest with the wargs.  It was three hours long.  It was a phenomenal three hours.  They added some things that weren't in the book, like Gandalf's seperate businesses, and how Smaug stole the Dwarf kingdom with the orcs and the elves in their place.  I prefer the book, but the book and the movie both get FIVE MONSTERS.


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  2. Great blog! I loved hearing your oppinion of the book. I have never read The Hobbit, but I think I may want to now! Thanks for sharing!!
    Mrs. Horne

    1. You are welcome! It really is a great book. Thanks for visiting our blog Mrs. Horne!

      <3 Meyrick