Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Am Number Four by Pitticus Lore

My I Am Number Four Report
By Emiline, age 7

I Am Number Four
 is a book about a boy that is from Lorien.  Lorien is his home planet, until the Mogadorians (which are their enemies) destroyed Lorien.

There are nine special children from Lorien.  The Mogadorians are hunting them.  When the planet was destroyed, every person from Lorien that could evacuated to Earth.  Three are dead and he is number four.

He lives in Florida.  The Mogadorians were close by, so they moved to Paradise, Ohio.  For once, he made two friends. 

On the first day in Ohio at his new school he got bullied by a kid named Mark James.  A couple of months later, Mark invited John (who was from Lorien) to his party.  In the basement, two people accidentally knocked a candle into the curtain.  It made the house go on fire!  Sarah, John's girlfriend, was stuck in the house.  John saved her with his legacies.  

The Mogadorians were in Ohio.  John and Number Six defeated the Mogadorians.

It's a great book. I really love it.  My favorite part was when Mark's house burned down.  I liked it because John saved Sarah.  It had lots of action.
This book is awesome.

I do not recommend it if you are afraid of aliens.  Aliens usually freak me out, but this is a really good book, so it did not scare me.  Well, occasionally it gets scary, but this is just my opinion.
The book is addicting, funny and sometimes weird but I give it FIVE MONSTERS.
I really think you should read it.  I hope you like it too.
(I loved the movie too + Alex Pettyfer is cute!)


  1. OMG, that is so stinking cute. LOVE it. ~Miss Laurel

  2. Miss Laurel,
    We are so glad you like the report.Thanks for following.