Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday!

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A Monster Ate My Book Report!
This is a great meme started by Ms. Shannon Messenger, author of her own Middle-Grade Book, Keeper of the Lost Cities.  There are lots of fantastic bloggers out their who are excited to tell you all about Middle-Grade Books, so make sure you check out Ms. Shannon's Blog to get all the links.
Marsh and Emiline

The Man Who Was Poe
by Avi

     Edmund and Sis's aunty promised to only be out for a couple of minutes; but, instead, she stayed gone for days.  The children began to starve.  Sis's stomach gets so empty that Edmund steps out to get something for them to eat.  When he gets back, Sis is gone.  A fine man by the name of Auguste Dupin agrees to help him find his sister.  Will they find her?  Read The Man Who Was Poe, coming July 2013.
     I thought everything in this book was wonderful.  Every part intrigued me.  The Poe connections were great.  I loved how Avi presented Edgar's character--brilliant.

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