Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Emiline's Book Report on SMILE!

     Smile is a middle-grade graphic novel based on dental drama and girl drama from the 90s.  The main character, Rania, is going through very tough times and doesn't know who her real friends are.  As she goes to high school, she parts from her one true friend.  Then, all the stuck-up snobby girls (her un-real friends) practically humiliate her on the first day.  Will she ever find real friends?  Find out in Raina Telgemeier's Smile.  
     I liked Smile because of the 90's personality.  I also liked the real girl drama the kids suffer through. The book has a ton of humor an it's a great summer read.  If you are looking for a great short read for summer vacation, read Smile.

To find out more about the author AND illustrator, Raina Telgemeier visit her site:
I was pretty excited to see that she also illustrates comics! We LOVE comics!

Here is my smile before I got braces.

Here is my Smile after I got braces.

Here's Marsh getting his braces.

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