Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book Report: Violet in Bloom

Violet in Bloom
Luv Ya Bunches #2
By: Lauren Myracle
Book Report by Emiline

     Violet in Bloom was breathtaking.  I have to say it was one of my favorites.  I even cried when I was reading the book.  Now, to actually learn about Violet in Bloom let's get to my summary!

     The Flower Friends are having a lot of drama.  Katie Rose is being mean to Natalia (not a Flower Friend), because Natalia is being mean to her and trying to pull Katie Rose away from Yasman (a Flower Friend).  Violet is worried about visiting her mom, who is in a mental hospital.  While Camilla accidentally stepped on her crushes' hamster and killed him! Plus, she doesn't know if he forgives her.

     Will Natalia stop being mean to Katie Rose?  Will Violet have the nerve to visit her mom?  Will Milla's crush forgive her?  Find out all about it in Violet in Bloom by Lauren Myracle.

     I recommend Violet in Bloom to people who have girl drama.  What I liked best about Lauren Myracle is that she wants to encourage kids to stop bullying each other!  Something else I liked was Camilla's crush, aka Max, has an "I Read Banned Books" shirt.  

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  1. The covers of these don't look like they would have much drama, but I will look at this one now. I'll have to wait a bit on it since it is checked out at the public library-- always a good sign that a book is good! Thanks for the review.