Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book Report on Winterling

(Winterling #1)
By Sarah Prineas
Book Report by Emiline

            Have you ever thought that a fantasy book could come to life?  Well, you will once you’ve read Winterling by Sarah Prineas.

            Fer is living with her grandmother, because Fer’s parents went missing a long time ago.  Her grandmother tells her only a little information about what happened to her parents. 

            One night Fer decided to go wander around in the woods to try and find her parents.  And that’s when Fer opened The Way.  The Way is a place where pucks (naughty people you can’t trust) shapeshift, and the governor of The Way is called a Lady.  You have to wear a crow’s feather in your hair to show you are a citizen of this enchanting and surprising world.

            Not only did Fer open The Way, she also opened trouble for the earth.  Fer stayed in The Way for a while, but it was still winter!  That problem was leaking through The Way.  Fer figured out her parents had died in The Way and it had something to do with the Lady.

            Will Fer figure out what happened to her parents and face the powerful magic Lady?  Find out in Sarah Prineas’ Winterling.

            I recommend Winterling to people that like to curl up with a good book have a little scare.  It’s a good fantasy, mystery book.  I loved all the characters because they were unique and liked to have fun with some unusual hobbies.  Fer was my favorite character.  She reminded me of myself because she was fun and adventurous.

I give Sarah Prineas’ Winterling 5 Monsters!

I got Winterling from my favorite bookstore, Little Shop of Stories.  You can find Winterling at your school or local library or you can buy it at your favorite bookstore.

To find out more about Sarah Prineas, who also wrote The Magic Thief Series, you can visit her website:

Watch the YouTube Trailer for Winterling:

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