Friday, October 14, 2011

Marsh Reviews Michael Carroll's SUPER HUMAN

     A group of people called the Heltroy are trying to bring back the Fifth King.  The Fifth King is the first superhuman.  The Heltroy wants him to rule the world again.  To sicken all the adult superheroes and anyone else who might interfere with their plans, the Heltroy create a virus.  The virus makes everyone over the age of 19 very sick and they become immobile.  It is up to Roz, Thunder, Abby, and Lance to stop that from happening.  Three superhumans and one plain person all under the age of twenty against the Heltroy.  Can they save the world?  Find out in Super Human by Michael Carroll.

     Super Human was a spectacular book!  This book has lots of action and adventure.  I liked the characters.  I liked how brave and powerful they were.  I love to read books about people with powers.  This was one of the best superhero books I have read.  I am very excited to read the next book in the New Heroes/ Quantum Prophecy series by Michael Carroll.

I give Super Human 5 monsters out of 5!

You can find out more about this series and the author here-

You check out this book at your school or local library or buy it at your favorite Indie Bookstore or other bookstores.

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